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    Cloud Services Case Study

    AWS Workload Solution for a Server-based environment in West Bengal Minority Commission (Aikyashree)

    West Bengal Minority Commission (Aikyashree) is a scholarship initiative by the West Bengal Government, aimed at providing financial assistance to minority students pursuing higher education. The project seeks to empower students from minority communities by offering scholarships for various education levels, covering tuition fees and living expenses. Through this program, the government aims to promote equal access to education, alleviate financial barriers, and support the educational aspirations of minority students in West Bengal, fostering their academic growth and future contributions to society.

    Customer Challenges

    The primary focus was to create a new architecture to host West Bengal Minority Commission (Aikyashree) application and website in AWS Cloud infrastructure with apache2 or PostgreSQL based application, which was earlier deployed on an on premise or Tata Cloud infrastructure. The challenges faced on this infrastructure were:

    To address these requirements, West Bengal Minority Commission (Aikyashree) engaged with Cogenerate Technologies to implement the application infrastructure on the AWS Cloud and also make it compliant with secure, high performing, resilient, and have an efficient infrastructure for their applications.

    Solution Approach

    The West Bengal Minority Commission (Aikyashree) Project is based on 5 pillars of AWS Well- Architected frame work- Operational excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization

    Key Services

    AWS Compute EC2 Instances, Load Balancer, Auto-Scaling
    S3 Object Storage for Database backups
    Amazon EBS GP3 Storage and Database
    AWS Lambda Start and Stop Ec2 instance
    Amazon CloudWatch Logs Logging Solution for all applications
    AWS Systems Manager For On demand Patching EC2 Servers.

    Security Considerations

    Results and Benefits

    About Cogenerate Technologies

    Cogenerate Technologies, an ISO/IEC 2000-1:2018 certified Company, one of the most trusted Cloud Service provider in Eastern India. The company focuses on Cloud infrastructure migration, Managed services, Container services and has workloads including SAP, Windows, eCommerce, AI etc. The organization is delivering services to both Public sector and Private sector in India and abroad. The company has also developed Cloud based software applications like document management system, hospital management system which has transformed many businesses.

    Cogenerate is presently an AWS Select tier PSP and is committed towards providing cost effective quality services to its customers.