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    Assessment and Migration


    Pre-assessment, discovery, and migration are key phases in the process of transitioning an organization's IT infrastructure and applications to cloud services. These three phases are essential components of a comprehensive cloud migration strategy, ensuring that organizations thoroughly assess their current state, plan effectively, and execute the migration with minimal disruption to business operations

    1. Pre-assessment:
      • Objective: The pre-assessment phase involves evaluating the organization's current IT infrastructure, applications, and business requirements to determine the feasibility and readiness for cloud migration.
      • Activities involved:
        • Identifying business goals and objectives for cloud adoption. Consolidation of Business requirement
        • Assessing the existing IT landscape, including hardware, software, and network infrastructure.
        • Evaluating security and compliance requirements.
        • Estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) and potential cost savings in the cloud.
        • Identifying key stakeholders and forming a cloud migration team.
        • Creating a high-level migration strategy and roadmap.
    2. Discovery:
      • Objective: The discovery phase focuses on gathering detailed information about the existing IT environment, dependencies, and requirements. This information is crucial for planning the migration and ensuring that all necessary elements are considered.
      • Activities:
        • Conducting a thorough inventory of applications, data, and infrastructure components.
        • Mapping dependencies between applications and identifying interdependencies.
        • Analyzing performance metrics and resource utilization.
        • Analyzing performance metrics and resource utilization.
        • Evaluating licensing and compliance considerations.
        • Identifying potential risks and challenges.
        • Documenting current workflows and processes.
    3. Migration:
      • Objective: The migration phase involves moving applications, data, and other IT assets from the on-premises environment to the chosen cloud platform. The goal is to minimize downtime, ensure data integrity, and optimize performance.
      • Activities:
        • Choosing the appropriate migration strategy (e.g., re-host, refactor, re-architect, rebuild, or replace).