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    Process Automation

    On Screen Marking System

    The online evaluation process is a concept, where information technology is used for evaluating a pen and paper summative examinations on computer screens. The Marking system entirely automates the marking and scoring of the summative/descriptive answer scripts and turns them into an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process. This initiative allows compliance of Supreme Court's mandate allowing disclosure of answer scripts to the examinee, under Right to Information (Rt. to Information (RTI) Act.

    Service ticketing system

    This application is designed for product servicing. Customers can register in the system and log service tickets for their products/ devices. When any registration request being received by the system admin, the admin can track the customer from his database to authenticate. While raising tickets, customers can select the type of device, make, model and the same can be drilled down to the product serial no. The system is smart enough to identify the product and can track the customer to whom the product was sold. While raising service tkt. customers can select the nearest service station. As per the parameters mentioned in the customer’s ticket, the corresponding service manager will receive it. Filters are applied for allocation, department and device type. Subsequently Service managers can assign field engineers based on skill set. The field engineer after performing service can update the status of the ticket from the mobile app. The helpdesk can track and close the call if the customer is satisfied. Admin monitors the whole system. The System works on both the web and mobile platform.

    Employee’s payroll system

    This system has been carefully developed to handle your employee’s life cycle. It can operate as standalone or can be hosted onto Cloud.

    Employee appointment with Probation period
    Employee Profile
    Employee Resignation
    Employee leave policy
    Employee leave Approval
    Employee Appraisal System
    Employee Benefit Policy
    Salary Processing
    Employee Pay Slip Generation and print

    Ecommerce platform for service industry

    An application software which runs on both web and mobile platform to automate and cater the local customers for day to day necessities like:

    Mechanic Services for Car servicing, Bike servicing, Washing etc.
    Laundry Services
    Electrical Services
    Grocery Services
    Plumbing Services
    Salon Services

    The system can be operated from mobile app. The platform provides two sections: B to B platform for vendors -: vendors can upload their services from mobile app and the location will be tagged to cater the customers in vendor’s locality.
    B to C platform -: Customers in vendor’s locality can avail the service and make online payment.
    Other features
    Customers can make payment online or offline.
    Customer can view and avail the services provided in their locality.
    The platform provides adaptive payment system which ensures instant payment to vendors for online payment.
    The application owner can set commission percentage: a) category wise and b) vendor contract.
    Vendors can create sub categories.
    Customer can rate vendors based upon: a) delivery and b) service quality.

    Web and mobile app - Vintage Trails

    The “Vintage Trails” is a mobile based application which is used to identify and capture information about objects in a premise.
    The objects can be captured by ‘object number’ or ‘QR scanner’.
    The information about the objects can be stored either in Cloud or on – premises server or in the mobile app itself.
    The app will work in a specified zone – restricted with Geo-fencing by Beacon or creating a Wi-Fi zone.
    The Beacon based app has been successfully deployed in Indian Museum, Kolkata.

    ERP Implementation- SAP, Zoho, Salesforce

    We deliver professional consultancy services across all stages of the enterprise business and information management systems, implementation lifecycle and delivering institutional capacity building projects in all sectors.

    Service Offerings
    SAP –R/3 and HANA Consulting Services
    SAP Back to Back HANA S4 Project on implementation
    Integration with SAP and Non SAP system